cost of a taxi from airport to wow resort gumbet

    I would like to know the cost of a taxi from bodrum airport to WOW resort gumbet at about 8pm

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    This is akaQA, a world wide web forum. We Google search if we do not know the answer. This is not something we can Google search. Sorry.  

    Ask a taxi driver.


    I would if I was in Turkey you Turkey derrrrrr!!!

    If you ring the taxi service they can give you a rough estimate of the cost to your destination.

    Some taxi drivers do speak some English, failing that, write name of place you want to go to, and hand it to taxi driver.  Me chicken. lol.

    My question obviously needs to be thoroughly explained, I live in England and going to Turkey for my holidays, I could travel by coach from Bodrum airport to the WOW resort in Gumbet but would rather take a taxi, I was hoping someone would read this who has actually done this journey by taxi.

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