can cat talk?


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    "" No, but this one sings and plays jazz.


    That is one hip cat

    I kindly disagree with Umbriel.  Cats have a lovely language and are facinating to talk with.  However, they are fluent in human.  With a little work, you will begin to understand your cat and what it wants or needs.  But in order to have philosophical conversations with them you need to learn to speak Cat.  Doc Doolittle


    Meeeeeoooooooowwwwwwwww....Is that good? :)

    Yes very good!

    lol..what are you lot like!!HAHAHA!!! it!:-)

    *note message in catese above and translate please!hehehe!my cat told me to tell him that!!!

    Mine says "Hello" when he sees me.  Swear it sounds like Helllloooo.  Now if he could learn to take out the trash or dust he could earn his keep.

    The Phonetics of Cat-ese....parauwwww..............means 'hello'                                       and again............................parauwowwww..........'hello again'                                       and the grand finale'...........hukhukhuk...............dang hairballs!!!


    the hukhukhuk wasn't sure about was waiting for him to put his little paws up to his throat then I would grab him good around the chest & give a good squeeze & knock that fish bone out. Tried it once and the little bastard bit me. So much for gratitude. Thanks for the heads up.

    HUKHUKHUK..A LITTLE MILK(although I know they`re not really meant to have too much)...USUALLY helps with the furballs!!:-z

    Yes..mine certainly their own ways!..You learn to read the different noises they make..or body language they use to tell you what they want..Purring is usually a sign of happiness...they`ll show you LOVE aka cupboard love!!..When they want food..but stick to regular routine with meals or they`ll be asking all the time!!...some make little talkie just get to know soon enough..A cat who is unusually quiet or meows furiously like an alarm call is often one who is in trouble,sick or in pain!...That`s the time to get them seen by a vet!

    Have fun..

    love millie xx


    I'll give this Chocolate fluff Queen a little then as she does tend to "huk" a bit through this time of year,poor dear,and she too has an expansive grasp of the purr-meow which is especially endearing as she drools down my shoulder from the back of my chair!I've heard it said that cats do not have masters...they have house-staff!!Aha!

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