Do you beleive in Big Foot and UFOs ?

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    I beleive in both....b/c hundreds of thousands of people all around the world have reported sightings of both. Some very credible witnesses too,like police officers have seen UFOs. And most UFO and Bigfoot sighting are described the same way other people have described them arouond the world. So, there was no colaberation.
    And remember, folks, no one knew gorillas existed until about 1908

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    ""   Saw Bigfoot yesterday at Mickey  D's !!!


    that's cute

    I do not believe in Big Foot, Yeti, Sasquatch or Abominable Snowmen.  I do not believe the 'missing ling is living with us.  I do  believe in extraterrestrials and I do believee at times they 'might' have visited us..  I also believe in time travel to the past (only to the past)  I believe that it is possible that in the years to come, we would have discovered a way to bridge the past with the present and these 'UFO's could well be that we are their ancestors. They could come here, mostly being undetected except for rare occasions.

    Think of it like a movie, a video camera records the past, we can watch it but not integrate with it - In a way, cameras and audio recording are a capture of the past. I think that in the future there well may be such things as visiting the past in a vehicle similar to UFO's, going to specific areas, an amusement ride of the future-- Due to paradox, of course they can not mingle with us but they can observe..     And of course, I believe there is life out there but i also believe that the universe is so vast and beyond our capability to understand,  This makes it difficult for me to comprehend WHY would they come here? and what is the chances of them even finding us??  

    I sometimes relate to the theory that we  were put here to do a job, that job has long since been forgotten but I know that Gold is a possibility, there are more rare and precious metals than gold yet we value it beyond any precious metals. It is also conducive to space travel, they use it for satellites.  It's an important element but for earthlings use, it serves no purpose other than jewlery.  Why is that? Maybe we were put here to mine gold and it goes back thousands of years as offerings and in the Egyptian times of the pharaohs, they were buried with it to bring as offerings and their own wealth in the next life--  Were they promised this??



    Bigfoot(s) or Yetis do exist- they are very shy and afraid of humans...The time travel thing would be ool.

    I'm afraid of some humans too!

    What's ool. ?????

    Ducka, you're a duck, you're s'posed to be afraid of humans. Humans eat ducks!

    very complicated

    Vin, I think Doo means " cool "

    Pheeww! I'll stay away then.

    LOL- I guess you had to me there!!!

    Wow, I scared myself reading all that.

    vin- it's fun to look back!

    Yes and yes.


    Hi lindilou! Just working, bowling, hanging out with Mom and my I'm sick with a deep cough and the jogging schnozz. Spirit? Always positive; well, almost always. And you?

    I'm working my keester off..awaiting summer..(I know I know)...suff'ring a broken heart...ex owes 20 grand in CS and Christmas is a miracle that Mom's pull out of their..'hats', so I've THAT miracle to perform...and I'm late with the rent, again...but I DID get out of bed all is well my girl!! Loads of Love to you and yours Bobby girl! Peace. xox

    ...and joy. Always joy, lindilou. Look for the joy. YOU don't have to look past your daughters' eyes.

    They are both my reason for being....tnx for reminding me!! xox ;)

    My first will be 26 on Sunday. Unbelievable.

    14 and soon to be 18 over here...time has wings!!

    Hang onto the moments. They are gone before you know it. I'm off to bed in a minute. Have a good weekend. :D

    Sweet dreams Beauty! ;)

    No. Have never seen anything that would support that.


    No to bigfoot,. But Louis Farrakahn is passionate that the mothership ( whatever that is ) is circling earth. To let you know , farrakahn is another crazy wacko obama supporter. But Yes, life does exist elsewhere , because we exist.


    motherhip ?
    lindilou be a Mother IS very 'hip'!!


    LOL!!! ;D

    No! as well as Yeti, Bunyips and Supernatural Phenomena. Lindilou a Bunyip.""


    ok...ok...I'll bite..What's a "Bunyip(s)"? hmm?

    Lindilou look above.

    Good Lord Man!! It's the EX!!! Flee for your lives!!! LOL

    No to Bigfoot........UFO's yes! 

    No and Yes.

    I believe in UFOs because I've seen them. I'm not sure of bigfoot though, I'm still on the fence with that one.


    Come visit!!! ;)

    I don't know why, but this questions and the answers given are funny too me.  My laugh for the day. Maybe on bigfoot.  Yes definitely on UFO's.  I have talked to several credible people over the years who have witnessed them.  I have not, but I don't think most people are crazy and just make up things like little green men.  I love hearing about little green men, but I definitely do not want to meet one.

    Why not? Let me ask you that one........

    How would you like to cuddle this Koala known as The Drop Bear.""


    Hi bulletman! Since August, I've been working full time and spending Friday night through Monday morning at my mom's. With two nights a week bowling, there hasn't been much time for akaQA (or anything). I'm getting more time for myself now, and will be here as often as I can. I miss being a part of everything here!


    There IS an echo in here!! LOL :)

    No, I don't believe in either of them at this point in time. 


    8 months later?? ;D
    Bob/PKB other stuff to worry about!

    How's it goin' now girl...other than busy I how's your Spirit?? :)

    I don't hear from you very much now,MsBob.:)

    no but I do think the last triple horned night dragon is still alive

    and I'm a vampire so life goes on believe or not

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