Are there any places in Nebraska that pay for blood platelet donations

    paying apheresis sites in Nebraska

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    3060 N. 90th St.
    Omaha, NE 68134
    M-F 6-7, Sat-Sun 7-4:30
    Ph: 402-571-3662 Fax: 402-571-3713
    United States 


    Things You'll Need


      Proof of identification


      Social Security card


      Proof of residency

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        Visit the CSL Plasma Donation Center, one of the Octapharma Plasma Donation Centers or the ZLB Plasma Service. Bring proof of identification, Social Security card and proof of residency, such as a piece of mail addressed to you.

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        Check in at the front desk. On your first visit, you usually will fill out a short questionnaire to help determine your eligibility.


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        Give your complete medical history to the staff. Questions will be about your weight, age, medications, surgeries, substance abuse and recent body modifications.

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        Complete the brief physical examination preformed by a medical professional.

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        Sit back and try to relax as you are connected to the Plasmapheresis machine. If you are accepted as a donor your blood will be drawn and the plasma will be separated and collected. The red and white blood cells are then re-infused into your body.

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        Go to the front desk to be compensated for your time and donation. Every center has its own rates, but pay usually ranges from $20 to $30 per donation. Some centers offer special incentives for first-time and long-time donors.

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        Schedule your next donation. Your first donation will be screened for safety and usability. It will not be used until you have made a second donation. Scheduling and keeping your second appointment is the only way to ensure your donation is put to life-saving use.


    Tips & Warnings


      The CSL Plasma Donation center recommends that donors drink plenty of fluids the day before and the day after donating.


      Eat a small meal just before donating and another after donating.


      Drink plenty of fluids for the four hours following the donation.


      Avoid high fat and cholesterol foods for 24 hours before donating.


      No smoking for at least one hour before donation.


      Avoid alcohol and caffeine for two days before the donation.


      Follow all after-care directions for the venipuncture site.

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    Pay --- donate?   Rather incongruous words.


    I agree. I thought the same myself. Last I knew, donate meant to give free of charge.

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