Where did God come from ?

    Was God born to parents somewhere other than earth?

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    The essence that people call God, has always been. IT is without beginning and without end. IT flows for infinity through all, even places we do not yet know about. IT is what everything is created from for eternity.  Since IT is not a being IT needed no parents.  This is my belief. You will get other beliefs from other members.  You decide what makes sense to you. a self-created being and because he is self-fathered he has no name...anything named has a creator.                                                                             ...look it up in The Sophia of Jesus Christ from the Lost Gospels.Peace.

    God has been here forever, eternity past present and future, like a rainbow with no beginning nor end, The Alpha as well as the Omega..

    God was always there, and he will be always there---- because he's God


    Are you sure he is a he?

    You may be Puffy at 80, but your question is very interesting, and courageous.  This question certainly cannot be answered in human terms as we could never fully comprehend the origin of God.  Suffice to say that there's only one word that may help explain this:  FAITH.   Faith helps explain things in such a way that science, philosophy, history, and even the Bible cannot fully do it.

    should be does come from

    I think you may have to ask God that. He never declared his parentage and there is no birth record of his on record. When he was born remains a mystery too, and by now all paperwork most probably has perished. :).


    And talking to him is very easy, it is called "communion with the subconscious mind", while man (collective noun gender all beings) is changing his laws to suit modern needs, the answer will come from within yourself and remain absolute , i.e. unchanged.

    God was neither born or created just existed. Can't wait to ask God the question.

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