would you prefer to go to a Doctor or a nurse practitioner for an illness?

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    A veterinarian. They take better care of their patients. :) 

    I prefer a Naturopathic Doctor (except that they are somewhat limited re: testing, x-rays, etc), then a medical doctor and then a nurse practitioner.  These days, though, you take what you can get.  Many people have no health care practioner and have to go to emergency and wait...and wait...and wait......

    Personally I would seek out a Native American Medicine Man for any serious dilemma and would try to find a Medical Doctor to collaborate with him/her.My next choice is a chiropractor and if it was a life-death situation a good specialist might be my choice!Peace.

    I guess I'll have to settle for the local witch doctor. Nowadays, he'd be the only one in my price range, that doesn't require health insurance!

    I would look up natural remedies first. I went to my dr. last Nov. and he concluded from a lab test, that I was very low in Vit. D. He never suggested to get it naturally from the sun. He prescribed Vit. D2, which is a chemicially altered Vit. D. After research, I bought natural Vit. D3 . Vit. D2 has many side effects and is not safe. They are pushing drugs, that are not safe.

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