which iron oliso or rowenta is best for quilting

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    Review: Oliso TG-1050 Smart Iron

    The Oliso TG-1050 Smart Iron is the home appliance that seems to be on some sort of performance enhancement substance. It’s a smart, state-of-the-art iron that offers steam/dry ironing.

    It has a patented iTouch technology that comes with digital sensors. These sensors have the ability to remember your hand touch. It will lower the iron to your material and then raise it when you let go. This eliminates accidental burns, lifting to a vertical position and fear of tipping.

    This iron has been recognized with a highly-acclaimed shut-off feature that will allow you to program for different events: 3 minutes if left in a horizontal position, 30 seconds if bumped over and an 8 minute reminder if left unattended.

    The controls are very easy to use. The heat penetrates fabric in one pass. It has the ability to work in horizontal or vertical positions and allows continuous steam.

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