what is a good weight for a 5ft 5inch woman age 35

    please can someone tell me what a decent weight would be for me im 5ft 5inch I used to be obese now im 8 stone 8lbs and have been told it a bit on the low side to me it feels ok but I am scared of putting weight on and would rather carry on losing if I can I have bought my self some slimming tablets to help me get down a bit more has anyone else been obese then lost the weight and have fear of regaining the weight back? thank you in advance

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    8.stone 8lbs I would very good indeed. stay that way.

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    If you have been told your weight is too low, get rid of the diet pills and exercise to lose the last 10 pounds. You will be doing your body a great benefit. Eat healthy. A body that is undernourished will not let go of whatever resources it has and you won't lose weight.

    I am the same height as you with a medium-sized frame (my wrist measures 7").  I have weighed close to 200 pounds (NOT pregnant) and as little as 129 during my adult years (20-current). 

    I am terrified of letting myself get back to the larger person I was.
    At age 33 and 135 pounds, I looked great and was in good physical condition from exercise.
    At age 51 and 135 pounds, I looked emaciated, even though I was in good physical condition from exercise.    Age DOES make a difference, and too thin is attractive to very few.

    At 60, I know I am about 15 pounds overweight for my frame and age, and also know that getting to that weight and keeping it will be a struggle.  My body settles in comfortably just above where I want it to be. 

    I know all too well that to lose that weight, I need to eat healthy and exercise smart.
    SO DO YOU.

    Opinions differ. Doctors categorise women into large, small and medium frames, then approximate on the charts given and match the "symptoms" that go with the ailment. Obese is a category which applies to anyone who is suffering from heart ailments and are just cuddly. The following will help you monitor your exact body weight as you age. So keep them handy :).

    Weight Chart for Women

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    By the way, take heart (not literally) Rubens admired large ladies, and they were called "Voluptuous" not fat. Be comfortable with yourself and you are doing a great job :).

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