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    One who says one thing but does another. Or another example, one who tells others to not do something, then goes and does that "something" himself.

    OH! So you've met my ex?


    "The true hypocrite is the one who ceases to perceive his deception, the one who lies with sincerity."                                                                        ~ Andre Gide


    Some F.Y.I in ancient Rome a hypocrite that was what  actors were called.



    No. See Colleen's answer.

    Jenn try applying a small amount of critical thinking to your comments. (try dictionary for meaning of words)

    Definition? A person who pretends to be and shows what he pretends to feel merely to satisfy the public and does not have an opinion (i was about to say "stand"  but changed my mind what with the language being the way it is now) on any  subject because he/she is afraid to face the sting that may be associated with his/her opinion. If it is targeted to someone here, may as well say who it is because otherwise you would become a hypocrite. Sometimes, hippocratic oaths are taken by hypocrites because they do not practice what they swore!. And the public swears too when they do!  :) (surrounded by them :(

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