i have face book account but it is not opened

    open face book my account no 9886848153

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    Ashleigh Neal right .

    Better to open another .

    Good!. You are a free person who is not tied down by the opinions of others and a popularity ratio, and reports that you are etc.. and you have plenty of time to be a real nice person with people instead of behind a computer. And if you really want to waste your time on facebook, you will have to provide the group with a password which is really a useless exercise because facebook is free and likely everyone has got some account or another either on face book or on blog sites. And if this one does not work, try another. You can have several face book accounts with different aliases and all you need to do is keep the home folk and friends advised of who is who :). Found out that an Arab had 10, each for each of his girlfriends. The policy being "the more the merrier" :).

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