how to get turkey premit

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    Where do you live? Typically you go to your local fish and game dept. 

    Your local ordinance will be able to tell you if you can have turkeys as outside pets.  If you have enough land you need a certain # of small or large animals to get a tax break-agricultural tax break...May I suggest 4 turkeys, 2 sheep, and a groundhog.  So nice of you to raise these pets!  If you get a few rabbits you can open up a petting Zoo!!!!!!  Please dont hunt Turkeys- It is very distressing to their family, friends, and me. Thank You -Doc Doolittle!

    Go to the grocery store and buy a  turkey. A wild one will be dry. The money you spend on a license and the other stuff that goes with it is real expensive. Its not worth it. Plus you wont enjoy gutting and processing the bird. They dont taste very well either.

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