can i inprove my brian!

    some time,i get unbalance,to the right &left. and some time i fall.i am useing a cane to keep my balace!

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    It could be Vertigo. You schould check with your Dr. for an accurate diagnosis.

    It could be Vertigo, or low blood pressure, I get light headed when my BP is low. See a Dr.

    Brians are notoriously unbalanced, sadly the condition is incurable.

    Ask your Doctor WBMS


    i assume you mean BRAIN ,if so try brushing up on your spelling.but if you do mean BRIAN then i`m sorry i cant help.

    I sorry ,  i don't have a good answer could be a number of things, but a visit to the doctor office would be the right thing to do.

    See you're primary care Doctor he or she will help you I Personally suffer from vertigo it is a big drag

    Mild verdigo can be corrected with medication. 

    It probably would be a good idea for you to get atleast two medical opinions from doctors. Make sure you mention you have problems writing and spelling . That would be very important to them to know.

    Does Brian have a brain problem? see your Dr.

    I find it amusing that some of those being critical of the author's spelling didn't bother to check their own grammar and word structure before posting their answer. 

    sounds like it could be medical issue. Go to the doc.

    That's 'The Life of Brian' re-issued.

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