why can families who are on welfare getting tax refunds when their income is from government?

    families who are on  welfare receive income from the government. do they pay taxes on that? 

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    In Canada welfare recipients and others with low income can apply for things like Child tax benefit, Carbon tax refunds, health care subsidies and Goods and services refunds to help balance their yearly income.They do not receive an actual tax return check as it is felt that these kickbacks are sufficient . Peace.

    No welfare income is not taxable.  However IF they had some employment during part of the year, in which they received welfare, and had taxes withheld, they can get a total refund based on their adjusted gross income.  In addition the can receive  an extra refund under the federal income TAX CREDIT law.

    Obama would have us believe the "Rich" do not pay their "Fair Share. The fact is, those in the top 5% of income in the US pay around 65% of all the federal income taxes paid to the US Treasury.  

    Fully 49% of all Americans in the US do not pay a penny in income taxes since the Bush tax RATE cuts for all Americas, became law when passed by the Congress.

    Of those 49%, 34% receive a tax refund GREATER than the amount withheld, because of the federal income TAX CREDIT law.





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