Why is it,that in Gov't services offices,if you need anything resembling cash,they play good-cop bad-cop with you where the first person will give you the help and then pass you off to the guy who won't???

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    Help is a hand up not a hand out so there are problems with government trying to do that.


    Yes I understand...if you provide for the people then the people will never learn to provide for themselves...but why the psyche-out action? Can their NO not simply be NO without perpetuating a myth?

    I think you have fallen into a PC and liability game the government is known for. They have to try to provide but they also have to say no. They really don’t want people coming back with guns or stuff because they are mad so they give you this running around act they have.

    It felt like psychological warfare when I was there {getting a social security number for my teen.}It seemed that every second guy who was there for unemployment benefits was given a different runaround! Scary to watch angry man after angry man leaving that building knowing that each one has paid into the system to safeguard seemed socially ill to me and at the time I did think about how someone might be compelled to "go postal"!!!

    Sure am sorry for what you have been through or going through. I know I would need a drink or two after a thing like that however if I was due the benefits and needed them I would be back until I found the right person to finally say yes. I do not think it should have to be that way, not at all.

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