i am male i always feel vomiting while i wake up early in the morning what probably is the cause?

    i feel vomiting but nothing is out from inside what is the cuase and howcan this be cured?

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    If you were a female i would suggest you may be pregnant there are lots of things that can cause nausea,  an ulcer maybe, nerves, stress,  i am only guessing.See a Doctor or try some anti nausea medication from the pharmacy.

    If you are over 50 years old and have been a coffee drinker for a long time then that is the can strip away the tender lining of the stomach causing severe distress and even dry heaves and can evolve into a feeling of spasms in the tummy.To relieve this distress try drinking a glass of warm water with half a lemon squeezed into it every morning when you get up and if you must have coffee have a nice dark-roasted decaf although peppermint tea or Krakus or Postum would be better.Smoking can distress the stomach so don't smoke.Also, buggered up bellies should be fed some protein for breakfast so have a couple of poached eggs and dry toast for breakfasts or fish or even a steak if you can afford it.Also we don't eat enough greens in winter and a good substitute is Bitters which can be very healing in moderation but lots of green leafy veggies are excellent for the tummy so eat more salads,lettuce,spinach,collards,dandelion greens etc.and teas like Licorice root and chamomile.Peace and Love and heal that belly!!!

    You are pregnant.


    And will be worth a fortune.

    I was going to say the same thing. After all, Arnie became a mother in the movies.

    not funny. I know b/c I had the same problem of nausea.

    Yes mycat, but you were pregnant with kittens.

    You are not alone; many people have this problem and it is mostly due to nerves if you do not have a physical problem. I feel sick to my stomach knowing I have to go to a cretin part of town I dislike.

    Many things can cause this but since it happens every morning I think it's best if you see a doctor.

    Some internal problem.  I would visit a good health doctor.  If you do not know of one, see your regular doctor.  Take care of yourself.  Thanks for asking us.

    It could be the thought of work. Take a couple of weeks off and get it out of your system.


    Since you're a guy.  You're probably stagnant.

    I felt like that everymorning in Jr. High, which they call midde school now. Try going to school like that for 3 years !  It seemed to be nerves. My parents made me go to school like that,........mainly b/c I wasn' tthrowing up. I was suppressing it b/c I had a fear of throwing up. I didn't eat much lunch at school b/c of the nausea. Consequently I got run down due to malnourishment. So, I got mono. It's surprising I didn't get a whole host of diseases . H.S. was a little better. But , even into adulthood, II always got nauseus whenever I was nervous .....which was often . I finally outgrew it in my  thirties. You should go to a G.I. doctor adn get some tests done. If they're all negatlive, you should get counceling for your nerves. I also think if you smoke a lot, especailly right before you go to bed and when you wake up, that could contribute to nausea. Ditto for drinking

    i have no advice for that except maybe you are pregnant? hmmmm when was your last period? really though you might want to try a couple of crackers in the am for that. see your doctor.dont let yourself suffer. i will be praying for you!

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