want to uninstall babylon

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    Try here >>>

    Mirrella! just posted answer below your comment.Good Luck!

    I just had to do this and it's a little taxing but here goes...go to My Computer on your homepage apps or on right click pop-up on homepage..on left side of pop-up under the heading System Tasks click on Add or Remove programs...then select Babylon and you might also see Babylon toolbar and if so you'll have to remove that after select Babylon and click the REMOVE button.Now be patient cuz it will take a few minutes and then a few pop-ups from Babylon will appear asking if you are sure you want to uninstall so read carefully and reply appropriately.Then once it's uninstalled your comp will shutdown and restart on its' own.Then repeat the process for the toolbar and then Bob's yer uncle!!Peace and luck.


    tried that but babylon not in list of installs

    Then you'll have to go to the Babylon site where there is a hard-to-find click-on to CONTACT Babylon...from there it's pretty basic as they will offer you a free on-line councellor to chat to.So enter How to uninstall Babylon? and they will eventually [be patient] send back some fairly detailed instructions to uninstall.Peace and Luck!

    Try the following and in fact gave it to another user who wanted another file removed.

    1) Back up the computer first just in case.

    2) Run start>regedit>edit?>find>Babylon. (You must type the word Regedit in the search programs box.

    3) Delete each entry manually because it is a pest and you cannot remove it without the regedit feature.

    4) look for other files such as "mybabylon", "Baby" etc which are pseudonyms used by Babylon to hide itself.

    5) Ignore all warnings about "Deleting entries which can cause system problems".

    6) Reboot. The last when I looked there were over 500 entries on Babylon.

    7) Look at the bottom of the Register editor screen to see what the hidden long lines contain.

    8)Run the search procedure again and then reboot the system.

    On Google, There are over 1  million people wanting to get rid of Babylon. Join the club :). I managed to get rid of Babylon on my computer. Beware of free software downloads where Babylon comes with the installation procedure.

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