Why do christian's have such a hard time accepting other people's belief system?

    They expect everyone to accept their religion but have no tolerance for the one's who don't, doesn't sound very christen to me.

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    I have no problem with other religious beliefs, in fact, I am fascinated by them............


    another good one :)

    jhharlan, I am fascinated also. I have been studying different religions for years now. The more I study the more I see the similarities instead of the differences. A wonderful subject to study and learn.

    So right!

    I totally accept and respect other people's religious choices...and I am a Christian.


    You're one of them good ones I mentioned :)

    hear hear

    I think most Christians can accept someone elses believ. There might be some very narrow minded christians who cant look beyond theire own religion. I personally dont have a problem  accepting whatever someone else believes in.

    That's because they are so brainwashed like muslims, they can't see out of the box. Not only that, there brains have shrunk so much that it has no room for anything else.


    Not all of them are like this. There are some perfectly lovely Christians out there. We have a few here on akaQA too.

    That is true Colleen, you know the ones I'm talking about. I have such fun with them!

    HMMMMM. I'm Christian.
    Buddhist, Pagan. Jewish. Doesn't bother me.

    Not all Christians are bundled up as one.  There are certainly radicals in any faith or belief. Politics are the same.. You have some on either side that are closed minded and will not listen to the other side.  It's not just Christianity either, please take a hearty look at Islam, some of their radicals will whack your head off if you do not believe.    You need to soften your blow a bit and not condemn only christians.  there are radicals everywhere and for many beliefs, not only religion.. BTW, Many seculars are the same, they are also hard to accept christian beliefs and are not afraid to let them know..


    Islam is NOT a good example acctually, just this week, an atheist organization put up billboards in a Jewish neighborhood and a Islamic neighborhood in NYC, it was the Jewish neighborhood who stopped the billboards. Islam is a very tolerant religion, it is the hardcore, closed minded one's, just like in christianity that tarnesh their name.
    BTW-thanks for helping prove my point.

    You proved your point to ~you~ Not me and apparently, not many others either. You standing up for what is the current times most obvious offender makes me wonder who you actually are. As i said, there are radicals in every belief; and of course, there are sympathizers for these radicals. I don't condemn Islam or Muslims by far but one must admit, they are in the news more today than any Christian or Jew for mass killings and all in the name of Allah! Many of these radicals I also believe hide behind their religion as they hide behind women and children when confronted-- Where 'some' Christians can seriously become aggravating with their stubbornness, I don't know of any mass murders they have done in the name of Jesus in hundreds of years. All religions have had a torrent past of evil, it's the Islamics that are still living this today. What is worse, there's no Muslim I know of that will come forward and condemn those that do! Instead, they constantly say, 'its not us, accept us and quit picking on us." I think it is you that helped me and others here prove OUR point..

    VInny-I believe I have made an ass of myself with my question. I read an arcticle in the paper dealing with atheism and was upset by how they were being treated by a GROUP of chrisian's, leading me to post the question I posted, it was done in anger against this certain GROUP. It was wrong to lump everyone together, I apologize for offending you and anyone else, was not my intentions. I am actually pleased with how many answer's/comment's this has generated and how many defended their beliefs without putting down my belief's, some did fail that though.
    To the comment's on robertgrist's answer, I was not refering to you as "homey", I was refering to myself, it comes from a TV show I watch, sorry for the confusion there.
    I never want anyone to think that I am closed minded as I kinda have protrayed myself to be, when I see an injustice in my eyes, I stick up for what I see as right. Sorry for getting so passionate about it.
    I consider myself agnostic, I am friends with people from all faith's and like to see them practice their belief's. There are many though that use it as a face to make themselves look like good people but when you get to know them you see their true colour's. But I do take offense with bashing the islamic's because my dearest friend is islamic, and like I have done here, you have also done, lumped all of them into one category and that is not fair to them or anyone. I have been hypocritical and you have helped me relize my error, THANK YOU Vinny and sorry for any anger I may have caused you. Of all of the people who answered, you I have tremendous respect for, sticking up for who was being put down, and that was wrong of me to do.

    Cheebz, You're a good person that stands on your beliefs. Your apology is take in good faith and appreciated. I too am sorry if I offended you, however, I did not condemn all Islam and all muslims. Read my post, it's in there a couple times that I am not down on 'all' Muslims. That said, I do agree with you on you initial complaint and that is that 'SOME' Christians are a bit pushy and I too detest this badgering. But I see it everywhere, political, religion, even what restaurant is best. So.. actually we are on the same page, it was only the 'grouping of Christians into one detestable society.

    have a great day/night and feel free to open your wings again anytime here on akaQA--

    cheebz,  not all Christians are the same, I am Christian, but my husband is not.

    Christianity has been set-up as a cultural trap to enforce members to follow behavioral patterns and reject all other religions  as failing to meet those standards. The reward for staying in the box nicely is “eternal life” the punishment for going outside the box is “Hell” and thus the trap. I personally found the inside of the box hellish so with no alternative but leaving…I left and broke through the entrapment  to become free. It was not easy breaking years of conditioning and brainwashing….but it was necessary. I feel sorry for Christians because they are so betrayed by their own beliefs that their life is practically mechanical. 


    I like the "box" metaphor, that's probably THE BEST way describe it. I too have broken out of the box and ALMOST feel free, but when you live in a very christen city it is very hard to be who you want to be.

    Breaking out of the trap is one step, the next step is to read The Urantia Book…available on line for free. The task goes to helping others out of their traps. You can’t use the Bible to encourage others to find a better way.

    Cheebz, I now understand your dilemma. As the old saying, 'when in Rome do as the Romans do.." You my friend are in Rome.. You are amongst a cult of people that have pounded their beliefs into you and you are strong enough to stand over it.. This is good! However, you shouldn't assume all Christians are like the people you speak of. Another old saying.. " If you don't like the heat, get out of the kitchen.." You need to move to another area.. Come to my country in silicon valley.. I think there's only one Christian in 10 here.. Matter of fact, they deface Christian churches here as well as Synagogues-- The only safe religion here is islam, probably because they are afraid to deface their shrines.

    So Vinny, all you suggest is giving in or running away from the problem? Don't sound to American to me. I am suppose to have the freedom to say and believe what I want in whatever town I live in. Sorry, homey don't play that.

    And it seems that you are one of the christen's I asked this question about. Why do you have such a problem with Islamic's? And it sound's like you country isn't any better. I respect religon's and desecrating people's place to practice is just wrong, just wrong. I am looking for equality and tolerance of all, in one word, PEACE.

    Cheebz, I really think you are messed up. I don't appreciate you suggesting that I am not American AND I don't like being called disgracefully a HOMEY either! That said---

    In simple terms, you have a TV, you don't like a channel you are watching, what you want to do, call the TV station and say, get out of my home or change channels?? Sorry, I choose the latter as I believe everyone has a choice and I will not stand in front of those that want to exercise their choice.-- In a garden of weeds, you may think you are a rose but in fact, it's YOU that is the the weed.-- This is what I am telling you. Also, surprise to you, although I have a catholic background, I am VERY far from the Christians you compare me to, hell I don't even go to church, I don't pray and I don't believe 98% of the Christian teachings-- But unlike you, I am tolerant to their wishes and desires. Also, I am NOT anti-Islamic, I am a realist though and I can see vividly where to place the blame. You are not seeing this, to you, all Christians have no rights and they should be controlled where the real problem with radicals in Islam should be tolerated.. well, Unless you are one of them, your inability to admit to the obvious makes me think that you are in fact fearful of what power they have over the civilized world. You are a sympathizer for Islam, this is fine, I am a sympathizer for all that good and I see no evil in Christianity in these times, nor do i see evil in good Muslims. Remember, we speak of radicals. Keep this in mind when you decide to bash all Christians, I do keep it in mind when speaking of Islam. There's good and bad everywhere-- You are focused on one group and one problem and that is where you live, you don't like it?? Move, don't come here bitching about it as we don't all see your way and don't like being called degrading names because we do not see your way.. You are in fact behaving exactly what you complain about-- There's a name for that.. But I am not a name caller.

    robertgrist, I don't know any mechanical Christians. That's not a life you can put on auto-drive.

    Vinny, thanks for reading my comment, and thank you for what YOU have written. Even though I am a Christian, I don't feel I benefit anyone by trying to force-feed my beliefs. It's difficult here sometimes with the often-negative feelings many have, but I learn a lot here. I would never think of stereotyping any group of people based on their gender, faith, profession, or anything else. Apparently I have no tolerance for those who do.

    You probably have brought up your religion during the wrong time or place. And that would be the same for you if reversed and of course every religion will have short sighted people who do not want to hear anything other than what they already know.


    I never bring up my thoughts on religion unless provoked. I do understand that there is a time and a place for everything. I respect other's beliefs and listen to what they have to say, I just don't get that same respect.

    What is a wrong time or place? You have to tip-toe in speaking with other people of other faiths??? And, yes, some won't see anything beyond their own scope. That's fine for them, but I'll move on.

    What is provoking you in starting something might be a bad time to do it. However, look I mean you no harm here I don’t know you and perhaps what you are saying is happing to you but their always ways to change things for the better.

    I have NO problem accepting other Religious beliefs, don't mean i have to believe theirs just as they don't have to believe mine...

    Unlike the answers posted here, I won't waste my time explaining if or what I believe in. I do have an intolerance towards Islam. I have not or wish to become familiar with the hundreds of other religions on the planet. I believe what I believe and that's that.


    Here Here. Wish I had said this.

    I do agree. As much the same question, the answer, not all people.. Christians, are pro their religion, there are those who practice the policy "Live and let live". And then there is a bible tract that says "if religion be the cause of dissent, walk away"..  There are the "Die hards" and they will not be converted, nor allow others a freedom of expression of their own faith. And they are in all walks of life, not only Christian.


    I guess it was wrong to lump the christian's all together into one category. It does happen from all sides, believer's and non-beliver's. They are the majority so it is easy to lump them all together. My apologies. It is the few bad apple's that ruin the entire batch

    @cheebz hi.. Yes, but I can quite understand why you do, most unhappily married categorize husbands and wives in the same basket as you would Christians :). Perfectly normal. The "Players" however would have a field day with both preying on the vulnerability of either :)

    Coolandy, You are right on target! Thanks for a sensible, objective and thruthful answer....

    @michmart118, you are most welcome. Comes from being a teacher, you ask a question, you get an honest answer always :) The most "questioned" race on the planet :) Have a great day!

    When our beliefs become no more important than winning the next argument, the next game or the next war,

    we lose all sight of the values that we claim to uphold.

    When our own actions go against our own conscience, we seek to project our inner conflict on the outside. Thus; if we win, we can arrogantly proclaim that God's work is done or if we lose we can lament that no one can be reached.

    Which brings forth, I believe to be a very important question; When Christ was crucified in our place, who lost?

    GREAT question!   I wonder, as well........

    As a christian; I RESPECT others right to choose to believe differently; but that respect does not cross over into ACCEPTING other me, that would make me a non-commited christian.

    You are free to believe whatever you want, and should you want to discuss religion and/or faith objectively and nonconfrontationally, that is fine with me.   If you want to make a statement that every Christian is intolerant of other's beliefs, I will take exception with that and wonder if it isn't you who has a problem accepting those whose faith, values, morals, and beliefs might differ from your own.  ???
    I would like to know what DOES sound very Christian to you?   You seem to have your own little narrow-minded vision of what a Christian SHOULD be and what a Christian IS.  Perhaps you are the one who is intolerant, along with being one of the worst spellers who has infested this site in several months.


    If you read the answer above your's, you will notice that I apologized for lumping every christian into the same group, my bad. I think I am very tolerant of anyone's religous belief's, I just expect the same respect though and don't feel I get it. Did not want to start a war with anyone.
    A Christian to me should be someone who practice's what they are taught and what I was taught growing up in a Christian household was tolerance of anyone's belief's. My dad actually made it a point to take me to all of the different church's in town so I would be able to accept difference's in people.
    To me, it sound's like you are one of the many christian's that are not tolerant of other's belief. Many of the one's who are ok with other people's belief's did not go off like you so did. (Plenty of example's above)
    As for all of this illiteracy you say I have, you need to show me where, I will admit that I am not a great speller, but I am pretty well educated.

    Actually, I am one who has no problem accepting you (and everyone else) believing whatever you want without harassing or condemning you.
    I regret one instance here when I made a disparaging remark to Colleen about her beliefs.
    In your question, you intimated that every Christian is intolerant of other faiths, and expect everyone to believe their way. Certainly you must know that you aren't going to find two Christians who agree on every aspect of Christianity, so there is dissention within the folds of Christianity itself. Why do you think there are Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, etc. etc. DIFFERENCES.
    While I am not familiar with every religion in the world, I did study Christianity, Buddhism, Judaism, Taoism, and Islam. In each I found beauty and truth.
    I am offended by your stereo-typing question about Christians. I am more offended by your comment to my answer.
    Finally, note in my answer that I never mentioned whether or not I am a Christian. You just assumed.


    Bob/P, you said in few words what took me an editorial to say.. Thank you!!

    Sorry for offending you, but you offended me with your answer, and like you, that made me angry and I defended myself like you did, I don't blame you, it is human nature. It was wrong to lump every christian together when I was focused on just one in pacticular group. I am open to all belief's, I just hate seeing hypocrite's in religon.

    cheebz, while I don't think I "defended" myself, or had any reason to do so, I appreciate your explanation to clarify your question. Politics, religion, and a woman's age are very touchy subjects! Be careful when you venture into those untamed territories! See you around akaQA, I'm sure.

    I think it rather silly to expect someone to accept someone else's religious beliefs. One only needs to be respectful and tolerant of anothers beliefs.

    Some say tomato some say tomoto I found some Christian's are open to hear opinions and others are all about the bible and very closed minded. I steer away from the closed minded  and fortunately these people let their views known right away since they have a real need to share.

    Because Christianity is the best religion in the world....for their neighbors.

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