Will these fake drivers licenses actually throw off law enforcement if your pulled over and they run it?

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    You have the wrong site. We do not have fake licenses here. This is akaQA. Why do you need a fake license?  If you do not have one, then I'm assuming you should not have one? Why do you call yourself a minister when you're trying to do something illegal?

    Outreach Minister

    I got one, but I did experience a time while I was in the service when they relieved me of it due to drunkin buggery out on the road, I drove throughout that period of suspension ofcourse, time ago though, recently talking with this girl who had one, she asked me, did'nt know. You sound abit uppity there, should check your dispensible self.

    You should check yourself for having the name you chose and admitting to breaking the law. Criminals are dispensable. I have a legal license.

    I honestly think the coppers can smell a rat amongst the weasles a mile away...never underestimate the instincts of a good cop nor a system that documents everyone and who they are...especially one run by big brother...who is watching YOU!! p.s. just kidding on that last bit...Peace.

    Throw off?  More than likely you'll be thrown in jail for using fake IDs.

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