• What did you learn about the behaviors considered important for an ethical learner or student in the University of Phoenix learning community?

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    Sensibility is a very important behavior for a student at the University of Phoenix. A student may get upset about something written but there sensibility will keep them from making an issue of it. Autonomy will help drive a student to succeed. Equality is very important. We all come from different backgrounds but are here for the same purpose. Rationality will help a student keep a level mind. Some things may not be possible and we need to recognize them. In a college environment ethics are very important. The test showed I had more equality and sensibility.

    Why are the Student Code of Conduct and Student Code of Academic Integrity important to you and the University of Phoenix learning community?
    The student code of conduct and the student code of academic integrity are extremely important to  I noticed that we could not carry firearms but could carry pepper spray. A firearm in the hands of a licensed and lawful owner is just as much for defense as pepper spray. Guns do not kill people they are just a piece of steel. People kill people. I understand firearms are dangerous on a college campus but things may have been different in the past if teachers had the right to carry on school grounds. I am sick of hearing on the news a student’s being shot at school from other students. The scary part is it can happen anywhere. Armed guards and metal detectors would help. me and my college experience. Without a code of conduct students could say or do things...


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