online application did not help to get what i am still looking for because some of the facilities shame on 'em said with no respect to my feeling that the position you are applying for is close keep with the website thinking like am a dog running behind the not reached shadow........../ / / / / / /


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    Do you have a question? You keep posting your complaints about no being able to find a job. We can not help you with this. Many here are in the same boat. 

    We are not a complaint forum. We are a question and answer forum.  If you have a question, ask. If you are here simply to complain, then I empathize but again, you are not alone. You came to this country looking for more money than you could get in your home country. Sorry we disappointed you. There are thousands of natural  born American citizens losing their homes because there are no job. What can I tell you? Complain to Obama. 

    It makes no difference what kind of job you are looking for these days.  The U.S. is inundated with job applicants from the local people as well as foreigners.  It's very brutal out there.  I suggest that you continue to vigorously play the number's game by looking at all sources such as online as well as hospitals and home care service providers.  Stop complaining and start campaigning.  Be polite to potential employers and people in general (you can start by being courteous here).  Lastly, speak proper English and get yourself cleaned up, and never refer yourself as a dog chasing after unreachable shadow.  You don't want to be known as "Here comes the unreachable shadow dog chaser!"

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