poeple coming to america legally need to get legal jobs; since I been here employers are totally to give me chance to improve my life and the way I live in the country. for example, a license to work asa cna(((nurse aid) to whom ever can not help self and the feedack i get is no reapply this is for more than two years now,i need to get my voice heard so i can provide the care needed. right folks?????????????????

    a new graduate been through hell and there is still no reel job offer also called an open position or simply a nursing job!

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    Do you know how many people are out of work right now with no hope of finding employment soon? You're not alone. We have members right here on this forum living exactly what you are going though. They can not find jobs either, so for now, they donate time to help others by answering questions here.  I should point out that they are natural born citizens. The country is struggling. I hope you didn't come here looking for streets paved in gold because that's just a myth. 

    If you are filling out applications and resumes with the same amount of misspellings as I see in your post, then that  could be why you are being told to not reapply. Just a thought. 

    One truth to this country is who you know.  If you know other CNAs or RNs that can speak highly of you where they work you may have a better chance of getting a job.  Good Luck.

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