Is there an Illinois State requirement to have a blood tests every so often when having Tetosterone therapy for low tetosterone levels?

    My úrologist claims that Illinois State requires a blood test every 6 month, which means additional expense for me and/or my insurance company.

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    They probably have to do that to prove that you're getting the therapy and not just billing them for it. And they have to do that to ascertain the level of testosterone in your blood every so often . And last, but not least, the health insurance company wants proof of a rationale for why you should have the injections. If they can see that you have an abnormally low testos level, then they will be more likely to pay for it.

    I don't know but in California there is and it's to determine if your blood is OK.  Injections of testosterone over a period of time can cause problems with the blood and cause side effects.

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