whats the longest hoy day of the year

    i need to know

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    Don,t know, no comprende.

    verb1. today (en este día) hoy es martes -> today is Tuesday, it's Tuesday today ¿a qué estamos hoy? -> what's today's date? de hoy en adelante -> from now on de hoy no pasa, tengo que ordenar esta mesa -> it can't wait any longer, I have to tidy this table today de hoy para mañana -> as soon o quickly as possible hoy por ti y mañana por mí -> you can do the same for me some time

    2. nowadays, today (en la actualidad) hoy día, hoy en día -> these days, nowadays la mujer de hoy en día -> women today, modern women hoy por hoy -> at the present moment, as things are at the moment

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    hoy [oh’-e]adverb1. Today, this present day.

    2. The present time, the time we live in.Hoy día, hoy en el dí -> or hoy en día, nowadaysHoy por hoy, this very day. De hoy en adelant -> or de hoy más, henceforward in futureAntes hoy que mañana -> rather today than tomorrow, the sooner the betterDe hoy a mañana -> any time nowDe hoy en ocho días -> a week today

    Each day is a gift that's why they call it the present.

    That would most likely be July 21st. It is recorded that that day has had the most! Hope this helps.

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