how do you stop a child stealing?

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    i think it depends on the age off the child if they are a youngster then he or she must be taught the right and wrongs of taking without asking for example if the child is taking something that does not belong to them it must be explained that this is stealing without asking permission and that its wrong if the child is somewhat older then i feel there maybe some underlying issues that need to be addressed and in order to find out talk to them and ask if there are any problems they maybe minor but it may help to get to the root of the problem
    Age of the child?
    do you mean a kidnaping or a child from stealing
    Caz whilst I can see your point I must be honest and say too many times today we look for " underlying causes" in other words we look for excuses for what in reality is wickedness.Any child over four years of age knows what they should or shouldn`t do, to make excuses for the behaviuor merely exaserpates the problem. A good clip over the ear never hurt anyone. Please don`t tell me violence begets violence, you are either part of the solution or you are part of the problem.
    An eye for an eye is often used by people as a natural aversion to some behaviours,by asking the child how would they like to have their things stolen, we are trying to get the little creature to subjectify and empathise, I remember being humiliated in front of the whole family and made to listen to everyone's view, which after the initial embarassment, proved very salutary as regards reflection and cessation.
    If you live under Islamic powers maybe telling them they will have their hands chopped off may have some advantage but as there are many limbless folk, perhaps not.
    Better to instill disappointment than fear.

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