I enjoy late night talk shows on AM radio. Where can I purchase a decent portable radio so I can listen to these shows without them fading in and out?

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    A radio fades in and out because of a weak signal. Possibly a better antenna is what you should consider when purchasing the radio.

    You're always going to have trouble receiving AM radio stations because they're not designed to be received much more than a couple of hundred miles or so away.  "Fading" can be combatted to some degree. If you can listen when weather is cold and clear, signals travel further under those conditions.  Also, most portable radios have a built-in antenna which receives best when the radio is at right angles to the signal. (So if the signal comes from the east, the radio should be aligned North/south.  Twist the radio around until the signal is strongest.

    I don't know where you are but you may care to look at installing a Free to Air satellite TV receiver which enables you to receive (radio programmes) signals on your TV. Here in the UK I can receive radio stations from all over the world on my TV.  About 380 of them. Loud and clear.

    Both FM signals and satellite broadcasting were introduced to try to overcome the kinds of problems you are experiencing.  Another factor which I can only SUSPECT is that broadcasters  reduce the power of their transmission signals in the evenings (fewer listeners) to save on power costs.

    Oddly enough, car radios give the best AM radio reception.  Try listening to your favourite distant stations on the car radio, moving the car to high ground if need be.

    But I have to admit that that is quite an expensive "portable" radio.

    Oh, I almost forgot to mention a most important factor in radio reception.  SOLAR SUNSPOT ACTIVITY.  Over an 11 year cycle interference from the sun strengthens and weakens its effect on radio signals.  Presently the sun's activity is at an extraordinary " high" and there is even talk about a solar explosion which will destroy all of Earth's electronic systems in a split second.

    Which will make your present problem seem very small meat indeed.

    Go to either Walmart or Radio Shack............

    try to get your favorite station via internet at

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