my girlfriend past away,she wants to be cremated,

    because, of my religon i am afraid of it

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    I do not know what your religion is but why be afraid? The body is organic and of this earth. It should stay here. Soul uses the organic body just to get around this world. In the heavens, Soul is free to move about without a cumbersome "suit of armor". Your girlfriend was not her body. She is Soul and she is free. 

    I am very sorry for your loss. She is in heaven and will be there when you get there. For now, talk to anyone who will listen. You need to come to terms with her request. Take care of yourself. 

    My very sincere sympathy, you have a very difficult time ahead and my heart goes out to you, but respect her wishes and know you are doing what she wished

    My deepest sympathy for your loss of your love one, nothing i could ever say would remove the pain your going through, i'm so sorry. I really don't think being cremated would be of any concern , God can make us all whole again.

    Headless Man

    My thought exactly.....

    Some religions such as Shinto believe that cremation is the appropriate way to dispose of the dead. I think you should respect her wishes and follow Colleen's advice. My sympathies are with you.

    I am very sorry for your loss. There is nothing wrong with honoring her wishes, her soul has already moved to another dimension.

    There is nothing to be afraid of unless you doubt her actual doubt.  Cremation is highly advantageous....

    Colleen is exactly right- Her body was her earthly vehicle.  She has moved on and it is her body...It will be ok to honour her wishes.  When your time comes you can leave instructions on what to do with your body.  Please be gentle with yourself as you grieve.

    Cremation seems to be popular.    I have seen it in the newspaper alot when people die.At least you have a choice.

    It is kind of a scary thing to think about what happens when there is a cremation.  Please remember that, as many have already said, it is just the casing that is being cremated. The person you knew and loved is not inside the casing anymore. 
    Blessings and condolences to you at what has to be a very sad and difficult time. You have a friend here.  

    I give you my sympathy for your lost love one my heart go to you! Cremation I believe is a very honorable way to dispose one body, better than being put in earth for the worm to eat you up, Sorry it not a pretty way of saying this, but I do believe you'll should respect her wishes.Again my condolence for your love one, May Her Soul Rest In Peace, God Bless You & Her.

    thanks, for  take time to answer, great comments,

    I am so sorry for your loss. You did state it was her request and she trusted you enough to follow her wishes.  Perhaps you should.

     It is scary, and you gave her a great gift by letting her express her last wishes to you. How hard that must have been for you. My  condolences for your loss.

    The body will eventually decompose completely slowely in the ocean or in the earth or fast by cremation. I beleive eventually all religion will make cremation acceptable.

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