Do you lend any credence to Big Foot. AKA Susquatch? And how do you feel about UFOs ?

    as for me, Yes, I think Big Foot is real, b/c thousands and thousands of people around the world have seen him, and they can't all be lying. .....credible sources too. I guess you could say the same thing for UFOs. .....altho, suspiciously, a lot of them have been seen near one of our U.S. airforce or army bases. .....Like in the 60s, the UFOs that were seen in Mich had an airforce base not too far away........Selfridge Air Force Base.

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    We have our own version of Bigfoot.He's called a Yowie.


    Do you believe in Yowie ?

    Hmmm! Not really. :)

    Big Foot?  Not heard much about him here in Texas.  What we have here is the chupacabra, pardon my spelling.  Mysterious creature of the night,  running around ripping it's victims throats out. Rarely seen but his actions are collected by story tellers. The name means goat sucker. Now, about UFOs. Of course they are real, intelligent life HAS to be out there and if they are smart enough to get here then they are smart enough to pass as one of us. All around us.......


    I've seen a of of weird, Aliens types around here :-\

    No MCM,In Aussie we have the yowie,we have sightings of a panther,and we have the sightings of the extinct  Tasmanian Tiger,,You have Nessie in Scotland,and you have Bigfoot,and then you have UFO's,,hec of a pattern showing up here MCM..>>>>>><<<<<<<<..


    We've seen a black panther in N. Michigan , and they're not native t o that area .
    terryfossil 1

    No such thing as a Panther in Aussie MCM,,>>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

    I Saw a Sherlock  Holmes film the other day and there was an animail in that, Riping peoples throarts out on the moors,it was horrible,,,

    terryfossil 1

    Nah Hec,that was just Roy after a night out on the booze..>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<..

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