what do you do when your church is dieing from lack of people coming to church, because your pastor is not doing his job; people have left the church . because the pastor just doesnt want to help us

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    why dont you answer my ?

    why dont you answer my ?

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    Find another church., or find onother pastor for your church.

    Find another church.

    The true church is within you. Why not worship there where you have a direct line to God? 

    I personally do not agree with churches.  

    I'm only answering because you keep asking for an answer and apparently our religious people are not around or they just have no answer for you. 

    Get hold of Randy (the headless man), he's on this site and he loves preaching. Ask him to come and preach for you. He doesn't have a job at the moment.


    What a good idea.
    Headless Man

    Thank you for the job offer but I'm not ordained and too old to

    Many churches face this same problem at one point or another. Pray for God's will to be done. He may not want that church where it is, who really knows? Definitely find a church that you know is where God wants you to be, you may not be at the right one?

    Do what you can, organize meetings, find another pastor, or just find another church. Remember to pray that God will show you His will for your church and what direction He want's you to take. Hope this helps? God bless you.

    Get ordained and show him how itis done.


    Pastor Patty? Hmm, I don't think they allow that. Women are inferior you know, some churches are still archaic that way.

    I must admit i did'nt give much thought to the name.
    Woman are only thought to be inferior by men who are.

    This didn't happen over night. You should have sat him down and told him to leave the F***ing building and don't come back.

    This is all to common of a problem,like ann and leroy said find a new church or pastor, it's good to fellowship with like minded people..

    leeroy and ann gave good answers, I might add you can hold services in your homes until the pastor is replaced, the people are the church.

    your home could be the other church and you the pastor

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