should I be getting periods

    after having my uterus burnt out and im on testosterone

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    I'm assuming by burned out you mean they went in and cleaned your uterous. Do you suffer from Endometriosis or fibroids?  I'm thinking if you do, then they went in with a laser and burned out the Endometriosis or fibroids. This does not mean they removed your uterus. The only way to stop having a menstrual cycle completely is to go through menopause or have your uterus removed. The testosterone is quite possibly a very low dose meant to limit your menstrual cycle but not stop it completely. As the others have said, you really need to speak to you OBGYN about this. 


    I am very concerned that you had this complicated procedure and your doctor did not tell you what to expect. 

    No. You will not have a period. 

    ask your doctor. You have to have a uterus to have periods.

    Your uterus was "burned out" or "taken out" (removed)....2 very different things!  You need to be a little more specific here, or even better, ask your doctor.

    Lucky you! No periods............

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