how to breakup with someone?

    I have a boyfriend but i think i'm going back to my ex husband. how do i breakup with the boyfriend who's totally in love with me?

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    type in your searchbar paul simon 50 ways to leave your lover, watch the video

    Are you absolutely sure the EX really wants you back?Or is it just that he can't stand to see you with someone else? Sorry for the negativity,but I know men & how a lot of them think.Be careful.Good Luck.


    I agree. This could be akin to a dog not wanting to give up the bone even though there's no more meat left.

    Just be honest and tell him you are going to try and work things out with your ex husband. Although you asked this question three months ago, so by now who knows what's going on with your life. In any event ....hope everything worked out well for every one.

    I don't know which is worse, being the one with the broken heart or being the one that breaks the hearts.

    What a dilema you have created for yourself now only you can get yourself out of it what a shame.

    tell him you have a bad rash that you cant get rid of down in the swamp

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