What is a biome? Please breifly describe.

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    A biome is a large geographical area characterized by certain types of plants and animals. A biome is defined by the complex interactions of plants and animals with the climate, geology (rock formations), soil types, water resources, and latitude (position north or south on the globe) of an area.One example of a biome is a desert. Deserts are the world's driest regions. Most of the vegetation there takes the form of drought-resistant plants such as cacti (plural form of cactus), which store water in their stems and have waxy coverings, and scrubby plants like the creosote bush, that have extensive root systems.

    The animals that live in the desert are able to survive with little or no water. The camel, for instance, stores water and fat in its hump. And the kangaroo rat gets all the moisture it needs from solid food; it can go its entire life without drinking a drop of water.

    Other examples of important biomes include tundra (bitterly cold regions with little plant growth), coniferous (evergreen) forests, deciduous (trees that usually lose their leaves in the fall) forests, grasslands, and tropical rain forests.

    Sources: Engelbert, Phillis. The Complete Weather Resource, vol. 3, pp. 461-62; Lean, Geoffrey, et al. WWF Atlas of the Environment, p. 11; World Book Encyclopedia, vol. 2, pp. 322-24.

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