Why is the President appoligising to the Afgans on a religous issue and he then trys to dictate what the Catholics should do on having babies

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    Colleen, please extend an invitation to the President to join akaQA to answer the Qs addressed to him...



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    LOL... No one knows... he wants to be the popular guy. But keeps making decisions that make him look like an idiot.


    Politicians the world over.

    Our president seems to have forgotten (or perhaps never knew) he is the Executive Branch of the United States of America.  He is trying to be the Legislative and Judicial branches as well.  It looks like he is trying to usurp the Pope as well.  As you can see, he does none with any expertise. 

    He did not try to Dictate Catholics and child bearing.  He wanted Catholic Organizations (Hospitals etc) to offer insurance benefits that would cover birth control. Not all employees who work at many of these organizations are Catholic.  WHen these organizations balked because birth control (except for the rhythm method) is not (supposed to be) used by Catholics the President backed down.  He was not attacking Catholics or trying to change their beliefs= it was more about insurance coverage for employees who worked at huge organizations that happen to be Catholic.  There is a large difference.  But it is over, and all is well.


    Finally someone has spoken unbiasedly. Thankyou Doo

    Your welcome!!

    doolittle, Yes you are correct. It was never about religion it was and always has been about women's health and their right to choose for themselves about their own bodies.

    Thank you witchway!

    This man is hell bent on the destruction of America.

    Total hypocrite..Time to get rid of this bum, what gets me is he wants to police the world and can't even help the USA..















    First of all, the whole issue with Afganistan is a complex foreign policy problem. Making an apology in order to try and assuage the anger and hostiltiy is a common sense approach and  only seen as showing weakness by someone  with an agenda. As far as the catholics are concerned they didn't have a problem with contracepive until the mid sixties and then someone decided that it was a problem and  they were going to foist their opinions on the rest of the world. On top of that most catholic women have used birth control at one time or another (98%) according to the latest poles. So, evidently it's not that serious a problem for the women , but a wretched conundrum for what seems to me to be a large contingent of sanctimonius men who seem intent on keeping women in their place as second  class citizens.


    Very true, Italy and Spain are the countries in Europe with the lowest birth rates (1.1 child per woman). In order to maintain the population every woman needs to produce 2.1 children.

    I feel the president's statement, at least a few on contraceptive issue, was genuinely a search for an equallibrium solution.   Initially his inclusion of contraceptive med coverage was fodder for some to find self importance by seeking a following to their convoluted retort to the issue. 

    No mater who does what for whatever reasonable or unreasonable purpose there are going to be self satisfying complainers.  Some simply looking for fame or others who simply complain about everything. 

    Now, an appology to the Afgans, a childish, non-confrontational, grade school "please like me" whimp bit of showmanship. 


    Ask him please.

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