Should health insurance companies/government pay for a person birth control ?

    Its not a necessity to stay alive and function . Its more example of people wanting something for nothing and a good way for premiums to increase. That 30 year old female  law student testifying that she needs free birth control is wrong. She is not being responsible for her actions.

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    Why not? They pay for Viagra and that's not necessary to stay alive and function. This has helped really old men become fathers again and then they die before their kid is 12. They  should be more responsible. Maybe a couple of boxes of  condoms should be included with the pills. Why did you pose your question directed at females only? Just because of one student? When do men get responsible too? 


    I agree! It takes 2 to tango!

    I believe the government schould pass out free birthcontrol for everyone. Many females have no insurance coverage and its only fair that birthcontrol schould include everyone and not just a few.

    ed shank

    Nothing given out by the government is free. You and I eventually pay for the lack of morality of others.

    I agree and disagree, I feel some deserve the free treatment but unfortunately it can also lead to promiscuity among younger people.
    Keep them scared for a few more years.

    Birth control pills are often prescribed for other health issues besides birth control. Insurance should help pay for them then...

    Hmmm.  Many insurance companies have Rx plans that cover a portion of birth control and if you qualify the gov't pays for it.  I'm not sure where this chick went to school but many University health clinics give away free condoms as do health departments.

    I don't make the connection for something that is more a person's choice, and isn't directly a health issue regarding life, death, or quality of life. On the other hand, it would reduce unwanted pregnancies, and would probably be cost effective. Although, it would possibly leave some people looking at unprotected sex, as being less risky...and ultimately be more costly to society.

    I think perhaps people should pay for their own birth control, and there be programs instituted to make it more affordable in instances where cost is an issue. In all honesty, I think that is the more practical approach, in light of the fact that society often ends up paying for promiscuity in one way or another. It just does, and it should be dealt with in the most practical manner.  


    I don't agree that insurance or government should pay for viagra. I say this, as we're talking more about choice than necessity.

    She likes sex, that's quality of life which is the very same reason Viagra is covered. If Viagra can be covered then quality of life also includes not getting pregnant. Life sucks when one is pregnant and does not want it. Something men will never have to face. I say the insurance companies should pay for the condoms and birth control pills. They are cheaper than paying for an abortion caused by a 70 year old having sex with a 20+ year old and we know this happens.

    LOL, you added to your comment as I was typing this ;)

    Gee Colleen do you have the number for the 20 year old having sex with the 70 yr old?
    She might stretch a point and go for 80yr old,
    Quite safe had the "snip" in 1970 and no STDs.

    Well I do know of a 20 something having sex with a 60 something. You have to go to the UK for her though ;)

    She can pay 40,000 plus for tuition for law school, but cant afford birth control. Now wants somebody else to pay for her to not get pregnant.  Thats BS.

    Exactly right Colleen. Thank you. I did get responsible , vasosectomy. I paid for it. It is very hard on a woman taking birth control, alot of bad side effects. The govt or health insurance should never pay for viagra either. Do you know how much medicare has paid for mens penis pumps ?

     Maybe the government should pass out free birth control. That is a great way to control population. Less population means less people relying on government . Less spent on welfare, social programs, less liberal voters. I have just changed my mind. I am all for it.  Let there be free birth control for every woman that wants it.  Thank you Colleen , for setting me straight on that .  I was wrong and i admit it. That was my one wrong decision for the day. But men should not get penis pumps from medicare. They should pay for it.

    NO. Assume responsibility for your sexual behavior. We are after all humans not dogs. As far a Viagra goes, it should not be covered by insurance either.  


    I pay for insurance it is not free.... I do so because the price of medications and health care is out of this world. If I need a medication to improve my quality of life (sexually, emotionally) I expect the ins I pay for to cover it. I dont believe that the govt has the responsibility to pay for any of the above.

    NO!!!!!!!! Just NO!!!!!!!!  If you have ins. with a prescription plan... you are covered. They have condoms at the health dept. 

    She can afford this. There are health departments that practically give it away. My guess , since she is a law student , It may be a class project. She may also be trying to make a name for herself.

    ed shank

    Ask mom and dad for a few more bucks, after all they paid for school, housing, probably have a nice ride as well. This woman is a flash in the pan. Who is this "brilliant" young lady sleeping with? Sashquastch? Even an ugly b***ard like him can come up with some rubber money.

    Another left field view point by yours truly

    1.  Morality isn't a fed gov area to resolve.  Many try to drag the FG into the fight hopefully to reinforce their point of view by whatever means.  Just means more controls over an opposing view point resulting in more political division.

    2.  If you want to get the FG involved you  have to convert an issue to a  non-moral format.    Non moral decisions are supposed to be made on the basis of cost vs. degree of satisfactory result.   What would be the cost of non-mandated free FG birth   control vs. desired result:  1.  Fewer accidental pregnancies.  Removing the moral aspect.   2.  Costs saved or reduce the increase for dependant aid and timebomb costs from offspring.   A Big cost item        3. Population control.  Whether  you believe this control to be a moral issue or not, overpopulation is responsible for problems of     Environment pollution,  Hybrid farming which is becoming less disease resistant and eventually should fail according to projections, and it pollutes 100,000 year old underground water reserves which we are using,     Hybrid disease affecting humans, which presently is controlled by chemistry and eventually have its limits of affectiveness          What to do about decreasing energy resources, population requires more,  reliable alternatives at this time are human&  animal life and nature distructive.         Boundry wars and civil wars to accumulate resources and human assets and political control.

    How much affect could free birth control have?  There are a lot of "IF's"  attached to birth control but viewed as a basic beginning point there could be  effective results making the cost viable.

    Soap box closes in 30 seconds.  Goodnight America.


    I think that the government or insurance companies should pay for birth control. As stated by others above, contraceptives are  also used for other health reasons than birth control and studies show that because it would result in fewer abortions and health related births it would actually save the insurance companies money and wouldn't result in higher premiums.

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