I held up a 19 lb metal object and dropped it from 18" much force is that?

    Just want to see if that force can injure a hand or fingers.

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    The simple answer is YES, that would hurt hand, fingers, toes, feet, etc.


    Things You'll Need
    Mass of object
    Height of drop
    Depth of impact
    Calculate the velocity of a falling object. Multiply the height of where the object is dropped by the pull of gravity times 2. In our example, the object is dropped from a height of 10 meters, meaning 10 times 9.8 meters per second (pull of gravity) times 2 equals 196. (10 x 9.8 x 2 = 196)

    Take the square root of 196 to find the velocity. In our case, that means velocity equals 14 meters per second.

    Find the kinetic energy before impact. Square the velocity. In our example, that means multiplying 14 by 14 to equal 196. Now multiply 196 by the mass of the object. In our example, the mass of our object is 5 kg. 196 times 5 equals 980. (196 x 5 = 980) Now multiply 980 by 0.5, which equals 490. (980 x 0.5 = 490)

    Find the force of the impact. Take the kinetic energy before impact (490, in our example) and divide it by the distance the object travels during the impact. In our example, the object travels 0.01 meter after impact. This means that we take 490 and divide it by 0.01, which equals 49,000 Newtons. (490 / 0.01 = 49,000)

    The force of the falling object is 49,000 N.

    Read more: How to Calculate the Force of a Falling Object |

    a 19 lbd object dropped from a foot and a 1/2....could potentially hurt a body part.  But you need to take into account the body part. say a hand. a babys hand and an elderly person's hand are fragile and would probably sustain more damage than a healthy adults hand.

    But dont try this at home.

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