ethics case?

    Ethics Case

    Roniger Products Company operates three divisions, each with its own manufacturing plant and marketing/sales force. The corporate headquarters and central accounting office are in Roniger, and the plants are in Freeport, Rockport, and Bayport, all within 50 miles of Roniger. Corporate management treats each division as an independent profit center and encourages competition among them. They each have similar but different product lines. As a competitive incentive, bonuses are awarded each year to the employees of the fastest-growing and most-profitable division.

    Jose Molina is the manager of Roniger's centralized computerized accounting operation that enters the sales transactions and maintains the accounts receivable for all three divisions. Jose came up in the accounting ranks from the Bayport division where his wife, several relatives, and many friends still work.

    As sales documents are entered into the computer, the originating division is identified by code. Most sales documents (95%) are coded, but some (5%) are not coded or are coded incorrectly. As the manager, Jose has instructed the data-entry personnel to assign the Bayport code to all uncoded and incorrectly coded sales documents. This is done he says, “in order to expedite processing and to keep the computer files current since they are updated daily.” All receivables and cash collections for all three divisions are handled by Roniger as one subsidiary accounts receivable ledger.


    (a) Who are the stakeholders in this situation?

    (b) What are the ethical issues in this case?

    (c) How might the system be improved to prevent this situation?

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    2 Answers

    Is this a business exam question?

    If so it,s not very ethical, is it?


    LOL? Future CEO!


    d) do your homework.

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