Knowledge talks, wisdom lisens. Only the wisest and the stuipdest of people never change.

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    Not all are born wise , change comes from within, therefor one must change at some point.

    Wise comes from schooling, commonsense comes from living.........


    I thought this was meant for you.
    Headless Man

    I listen way more than than I talk and boy have I changed in my life. However some things need said......

    May I say that is why we have two ears too listen more than we speak!

    I don't think these statements can be made without exception. 
    My father was a man of very few words and very great knowledge.  He learned a lot more by listening than he ever did by speaking.  
    I learn a lot more by listening and  I am considered highly intelligent by nearly everyone.  
    Wise people and "stupid" people are capable of change, and do.  A wise person would be foolish to remain as he is and not strive to know more, be more, do more.  As a wise person myself, that's what I do. And, in the areas where I might be "stupid", I am also always striving to be more knowledgeable. Today, I learned more about a good golf swing by teaching my best friend how to swing the club.  :D

    Not sure what course you are taking that spouts that kind of BS, but valR's answer is correct.

    no, no, no, no...

    If one does not change then clothes start to smell, a wise man once said.

    Alas, you are sober!

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