why the persian is so awful todayyy???

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    They are just preening themselves,we,ll have to wait and see what Israel really thinks of them.

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    Tension between countries and theire governments.

    You are generalizing -- Not all Persians are bad no more than any other ethnic race is 'all bad'. There's good and evil everywhere, every race..    

    Absolute power corrupts, absolutely. Power is what corrupts people and governments. I think Iran's problem is the people in their leadership, spiritual and government.

    The cat  or Iranians ?   Cats OK ,  Iranians   uuhh  Well  you decide

    The cat???


    no, people

    Look Israel is terrified of being nuked.  They have a right to be scared...they have been threatened numerous times and have has a lot of terrorists come into their country setting off bombs killing many innocent people.  and Iran isn't a model of stability.  Vinny is correct, no country, no religion is all good or all bad.  The Midle East is incredibly complicated...the relationship between nations changes frequently and there has always been political unrest and political dominancy. (Israel much less than other countries).

    Israel has already stated that they will not tell the US when and if they decide a forward strike against Iran is the US will not be blamed for it.


    As for the persian cat..well all cats get cranky from time to time...a big snuggle with ear scratches and some of its very favorite morsels will make it happy.

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