why does Nancy Grace always say that Atlanta is her hometown?

    Actually her hometown is Macon Georgia about 90 miles south of Atlanta.  She will never mention Macon as being her hometown.  On the other hand, Little Richard is from Macon Georgia and he will never let anyone mistake him from being from anywhere else.  It has been years since he has lived here, but he never forget Macon Georgia.  Also Greg Alman and the Alman brothers, Otis Redding, Jeff Malone the basketball player are all from Macon.  I myself lived in New York City for 40 years and I am back in Macon now, but I never denied my hometown of Macon Georgia all of the years that I lived and worked at New York Telephone Company which is now VERIZON Telephone and Wireless.

    Hazel Gray

    Macon, Georgia 31206



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    Perhaps you should contact Nancy Grace at The HLN Television Network and present this question to her?

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