How many of you realise you worked a day this week for no pay?True,

    You worked on the 29th so you worked an extra day this year, and all leap years, for the same rate as a 365 day year.

    Wait until the dunderheads on the unions wake up to this, all hell will break loose.

    "We want extra days pay, we want a pro rata additional leave and if you have the same stupid system as Australia you should get a pro rata increase in your holiday loading.

    Australia has a stupid pay system where workers get a 171/2% loading on their holiday/leave pay

    Why you would pay someone 171/2% extra to do nothing and bring in no income for the employer is ridiculous.

    It started years ago to help compensate for "lost overtime pay" not received whilst on holidays

    but they get it irrespective of whether they have worked overtime during the year or not.

    Only in Australian unions would you be this short sighted.

    The same unions have priced their members and a lot of non members out of a job by their continual claims for more money.

    No wonder the manufacturers have gone off shore.

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    Does that mean i should get an extra days pension,? after all i did get out of bed.


    LEWBOY, in theory, yes.

    Not me i'm currently laid off !!


    Me too.

    I took the day off with pay at triple overtime. The irony is beyond the paper pushers capacity to realize.

    I did not work yesterday and still got paid; that will be so every day until I die.( I am retired).

    I slacked off the whole day. I was paid the same for the 29 days in February as I was for the 31 days in January ..... Guess I won't complain.

    I just get paid by the hour then the government takes what it likes out of it. No unions at my job.

    I don't get paid, so I don't pay tax.

    PL, i wlll have to disagree ,  the corporations are going off shore, not because of the unions, because it is cheaper and the greed sets in, like our banks with billions of dollars profit. the 17.5% loading was brought in around the seventies when it was absolute boom time and the part of the profit was given back to the employees as loading in their holiday pay, only trouble is today the employers cannot really afford the 17.5%, except tne greedy banks. As far as the leap year days pay, an hourly paid worker is still paid a days wage, on salary you would be working an extra day for Gratis,


    Agree in part but the reason for going off shore remains the fault of the worker being encouraged by the unions to claim pay rises.
    This results in the manufacturer doing what they have always done, look for a cheaper source of supply.
    Once this cheaper source was available in Australia but now the lower wage expectations of the asian workers has changed the ball game.
    My statement that the 171/2% was to help the worker cover the overtime that almost all workers did in the 60s and would not be available on holidays is correct.
    I repeat WHY pay someone who has not worked overtime during the year an amount to cover overtime missed whilst on holidays.
    The loading was introduced by the Labor Party at the insistence of the major unions.
    As far as the Companies are concerned I was always of the opinion that you go into business to make money not to give it away.
    That does not mean I believe in slave labour at slave wages but the business was ,in most cases started by someone who put their back pocket on the line.
    So they might be multi- billion now but they started poor.
    I personaly worked for a company that was started by the owner getting a mortgage on his home, he sold half of it 30 yrs later for over $12million.

    OK, PL, you may be right as you are 'Older' and' Wiser' than myself. lol.

    Do I really know what I am doing? I ask. The answer? Only the Holy Ghost knows for sure.

    A+=Joyfilled Woman

    Okay I'll comment on my own answer. Helloooo out there the Holy Ghost is not a Ghost He is a person waiting for to bless His lovely ones for a joyfilled morning every morning.

    BUT will he pat for the extra day.

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