what are three cool facts about farming

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    You can eat your own fresh vegetables. Milk the cows and drink unadulterated milk. You can eat your own beef, goat, eggs and chicken. No need to buy them at the supermarket.


    maybe true for the hobby farmer

    Getting out of bed before dawn.

    Slopping out the milking stalls.



    yep lots of fun (not)

    WEll said Tommy cleaning out the milking bails is not fun.

    You can share food with friends.


    I do that without a farm,wouldn't have a farm if I were given one

    Been there, done that, and never again.

    Be you're own boss raise corn pinto beans potatoes chickens pigs some beef cattle and butcher them you're self pigs and beef cow then split up amongst the family and those that need help and sell the eggs you don't use for extra money 


    the egg board have that very much tied up here

    Self sufficiency, abundance of food, and envious neighbors.


    Ever seen a drought Chiang mai?

    I raise chickens for fertilizer and eggs. Their butchering for meat requires processes that I don’t have. So I feed them for the fertilizer they produce. Occasionally an eagle will haul one away which is ok with me  since they are reproducing so fast that I have to leave some at the county dumps to give the bears some exercise. Entertainment for me!



    Not funny Robert.
    Maybe you could stay at the dump and give the chickens some entertainment.
    Killing,plucking and dressing a chook is something I was doing at 12 years of age, nothing to it, now ducks that is a different story.

    You get to drive a tractor...

    You finally get to meet 'the farmer's daughter'..

    You can roll up corn silk and smoke it..

    I could come up with more but you only wanted 3..


    Many farmers live on site of their farming establishments. This means they are generally outside of the city limits and not subject to the noise, pollution, and debauchery of city life.

    Children of farmers grow up in an environment where they consistently see the discipline of the farmer who has daily responsibilities and deadlines, crews and accounting, management of time and people.  They see "work" being done.  They live in an atmosphere of cooperation, as often Mrs. Farmer has on-site responsibilities as well as management of the home and family.

    American farms are on the decline, which is NOT cool.  There are a number of reasons for this, the most distressing being the lack of respect for the farmer in today's egotistical, self-serving, automated, diseased society.


    Sometimes it is Mrs. Farmer who runs the farm while Mr Farmer works another cover for droughts and too much rain.

    absolutely! See more of the Mrs. out with the other job while Mr. tends to the farms, but that's just here.

    Freedom, fresh air and eating  fresh organic food without chemicals that seem to be  in every food  source these days.


    wish that were true, the farmers here often use extremely toxic chemicals

    The local farm in my community does not use chemicals, therefore theire prices are somewhat higher. I grow some of my own Vegetables, never use chemicals.

    thats good ann,I used to as well, but got a nasty lung problem and can't garden anymore, I miss it, but do buy organic when I can

    Being outside enjoying the weather,the good food,independence.

    I grew up on a dairy farm & most of my family comes from a major cane growing area in Qld.A couple of things were "Cool".like driving a truck & riding a motorcycle before I was 12.The horses privided a lot of fun & the fresh cream everyday was outstanding.But I still think there is a lot more to the down side.The work,the filth & the flies are only a part of it.

    Living in the country, and in a farming area I don't see a lot of positives, the cane farmers rely heavily on the rain, too much disaster, too little disaster,the fruit growers get little for their efforts due to cheaper imported products, drought has seen many cattle farmers go bust, it's often hard, back breaking and risky, I admire their intestinal fortitude to take the often very high risks for often little or no returns, the banks mostly unsympathetic to their plight in bad times, though when conditions are good so is the profit, think I'll forgo the risk and stick with my government job, I don't think it fosters good family relationships either, their children often travel very long distances to school


    Well, I might have a petting Zoo...and grow some crops for the Animals and myself...but No I wouldnt want a huge farm..and I certainly couldn't raise animals to be slaughtered.

    You get to work out of doors, it smells good, your table will have the best to be had and you've earned every bite..........


    smells good?, not here it doesn't!, ash with the cane fires, and the cattle, a whole smell of a different nature

    I like the smell of cattle, is rather nostalgic. I have never seen a cane field let alone smelled on burning.....

    take my word for it, it stinks, makes it difficult to see driving (smoke) doesn't do much for the washing on the line, cars covered in ash etc, and as for cow poo, well poo

    The farm life today is very different than it was way back when unless the farmer is attempting to farm by historic processes….may as well sell tickets as an exhibit of “The Good Earth”. 


    “Cold Comfort Farm” see that and you’ll want to go back to….town.

    Provides the farmer with a decent living in the midle of the nature while supplying people with the food withour which there is no life.


    Giving and taking from the Earth and a balance of nature with man.

    At 15 I spent 6 weeks on my uncles farm in Bavaria. Up at 4:00am out of the house at 5:00am. Worked like an animal till 5:30pm. Too tired to eat or bath by the time I got  back. Milk the cows, shovel the s***. Pick the fruit trees. I felt like I was in Auschwitz. Farming, you can keep it. Only pleasant thought I have from that ordeal was that I got to know a sweet little thing up the road, we got to know each other real well.

    Cold winter mornings, Hot summer days, 7 days a week work .

    None the less country life is great but not beer and skittles as sometimes portrayed.

    #1 of course is that you know where your food is coming  worries  about pesticiides and such........#2 this is harder as farmers are overworked and underpaid without a doubt #3 farmers are generally very very nice down to earth folks...I was married to one and I know!.(:

    It nice too have a farm but the work come with it, some farmer let everything go to sh-t never bother cleaning and everything become like a whole mess. Also time have change now everything for the farmer machine cost is expensive to repair and so on.You just can't keep up anymore. Like the old day your neighbor would give each other a hand come harvest time.

    Tax write offs,   government payments,  crop insurance.  


    landowners here are unable to get insurance for things like flood without huge cost, which they mostly can't afford (householders are in the same boat,pun unintentional)

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