How can I be a good christian

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    To be Christian is to be Christ like. Get to know him through scripture.  Be an example of his love, understanding. Step away from your own pride and prejudice. 

    Love all and allow free will as God allows. Do not try to promote or push your beliefs on others as they have free will to believe what they want to believe. This is God's gift to mankind. A good Christian should be charitable. Charity is as simple as giving empathy, understanding and being open to allowing another person their beliefs without judgement or condemnation.  To love in empathy is the true way of God. To love in judgement is the negative powers way to go. Never allow your ego to make you feel you are better than another because you believe in one God while they believe in their own God. We are all equal no matter what God we believe in or even if we do not believe in a God, we are still equal with all people. A good Christian shares a message of love, just as Jesus did. Love is freedom. Let others be and be a good supporter of all. By giving people freedom we give freedom to ourselves. A good Christian and even a good person will recognize this.  Let God handle the rest. 

    No, I am not a Christian but I have good Christian friends and this is what they've taught me about the religion as they see it and understand it.  This is the type of Christian they are and I see them as good Christians. 

    be a good human being...

    Read your bible, go to church and don't try to convert the rest of the world, may your god go with you.

    Be a good person FIRST!! love respect help others Being a Christian does not come into it !! Believe ME!! Being a good Christian Read your Bible keep it to yourself do not Preach Thats being a good Christian.

    Forget about it. Just be a good person and everthing else will fall into place ------ Calusa Jack

    Just follow the Christian rules. Pray to do your best...........

    Follow the Ten Commandments.

    Help who you can, pray for those you can't.

    God Jesus and Holy Spirit makes up the holy trinity, God in three-forms.
    If you do one thing, accept a free gift. John 3:16 For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life. Just say yes and mean it, tell others about your choice, then live it, and find a good BIBLE teaching Church. Read the BIBLE yourself and study.


    No real need to tell others Randy.
    Make your choice and stick with it.
    Get what it gives you and be content.
    Headless Man

    I was ask........

    YOU singularly were not asked, the forum was asked and they were simply asked for opinions on how to be a good Christian, not whether they needed to accept Christ or read a bible Boboti also did not ask for the verse which has nothing to do with acting as good Christian. The first bit is preaching. You used this question just to get your preaching message out again.

    "find a good BIBLE teaching Church. Read the BIBLE yourself and study."

    This is all you needed to say. The rest is preaching to Boboti and anyone else who reads your comment. We already know that Boboti is a Christian due to the question. No need to point out the free gift to them. You just wanted to point it out to anyone else who came into this question. I am not fooled and apparently neither is ROMOS and I'm sure a few others too.
    Headless Man

    "I would think they would be falling all over themselves to get in here and post scripture and verse. It would be allowed here on this question."
    That was your Quote, why not allowed here?

    That was not for this question Randy and it was not meant for you to use as a license to run around in all questions with. Common sense should dictate this for you. Umbriel asked questions about your religion and it's messages, go use the verses there as you already have done in one of his questions. Just be sure the verses actually answer his question.
    Headless Man

    I did here the first thing is to do just as I stated, accept Christ, go to a good church and study.

    Again, you just don't get it. Does it take time for things to filter into your brain? You preached at them. There was no reason for the verse. You used this question as an opportunity to get your thump out for all to read. You can play dumb but I am not dumb. Seriously, stop arguing. Look at the rest of the answers here. No one preached but you. You need to take your agenda to a Christian site for those people who check the sites seeking and wanting to know how to be saved. Boboti just wanted to know how to be a good Christian. I'm sure they've already accepted the "free gift".

    Just want you to first know you are asking this question to a variety of people.  Some are Christian, some say they are, some are from a different faith, some are agnostic, and some are atheist.  You should be very, very careful of taking any of these answers seriously. That said....

    Jenn's answer was very good.  I would only add to never be judgmental or condemn anyone; and, when in doubt, don't.  

    Live your life by example, not by what you are saying only. It's all about a personal relationship, reading the Bible is how God talks to our hearts...

    . Praying is how we talk to God. The combo is( communication,) which along with love are the most important things in a relationship. Don't forget trust, renew your faith by getting spiritually filled up. The best place for that is going to a good Bible teaching church, watching online, or on t.v.

    Hope this helps.

    There is a place in the scripture were it is written " For men it's impossible " " but for God all thing are possible" God will not give you more than you can;t handle , Also say ask and it shall be giving , But I must warn you be careful what you ask for , or you could regret for the rest of your life!

    Be a good Christian and don't go to church with all the hypocrites. Practice what you preach and don't shove it down other's throats, like some on this site. They are totally brainwashed, their brains have shrunk to almost nothing because they have stopped using it.

    Headless Man

    You can find hypocrites everywhere they need church.
    Don't preach unless you have a church but don't be shy about spreading the word.

    Spreading the word when over done become preaching.

    I am sure we can all start by abiding by the Golden Rule.  This rule can be applied not just to Christianity, but also to all other religions.

    "Treat people the way you'd like them to treat you."



    Also to be a good christian you should spread the gospel as Jesus said to do.

    country bumpkin

    Yes the Gospel should be spread but not pushed and shoved down peoples throats like you do.
    Headless Man

    You don't know me, didn't Jesus say not to judge?
    The only way you can push and shove down peoples throats is in person, here you can choose to not read and move on. JMO

    Don't try to play with semantics. Oral speaking or typing, you can still push agenda of pushing your religion here. You hope people read your words so don't complain when they do. You can also choose not to read the replies and move on.
    Headless Man

    True, and I do often.......

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