At what age should the dps stop giving out licences.

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    no age limit, based on  the individual.

    It is a matter of being able to pass the driver's test. From written to actually driving......

    No age limit...age has nothing to do with driving ability and driving awareness.  Some young people cannot see down the road very well....too busy texting and talking on cell phones!

    Some young people cannot hear very well...too many kids yakking in the back seat!

    Some young people have poor reflexes...their brains are overloaded with drugs and booze!

    Some young people cannot pass a written test...poor comprehension due to lack of language skills!

    No age limit , it should be based upon one's ability to drive..

    I would be in favor of a full medical examination of every driver to be administered by an independent approved body. This I would suggest should commence from the age of 70 and a maximum of 5 years between subsequent tests, and less on an individual basis when this is deemed necessary.


    Age 67, test them all. Eyesight, hearing, reflexes. State what meds they are taking and prove it with a doctor's  note. Too many people dyeing because of this. Ask someone living in Florida this question.

    The driving privilege should based on a comprehensive test (to include mental stability/maturity) not age - too young or too old...

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