what is java script?

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    JavaScript, also known as ECMAScript,[6] is a prototype-based, object-oriented[7] scripting language that is dynamic, weakly typed and has first-class functions. It is also considered a functional programming language[1] like Scheme and OCaml because it has closures and supports higher-order functions.[8]

    JavaScript is an implementation of the ECMAScript language standard and is primarily used in the form of client-side JavaScript, implemented as part of a web browser in order to provide enhanced user interfaces and dynamic websites. This enables programmatic access to computational objects within a host environment.

    JavaScript's use in applications outside web pages—for example in PDF documents, site-specific browsers and desktop widgets—is also significant. Newer and faster Javascript VMs and frameworks built upon them (notably Node.js) have also increased the popularity of Javascript for server-side web apps.

    JavaScript uses syntax influenced by that of C. JavaScript copies many names and naming conventions from Java, but the two languages are otherwise unrelated and have very different semantics. The key design principles within JavaScript are taken from the Self and Scheme programming languages.[9]

    Did you understand all that? :)
    joe tosti

    I am a poor simple soul who wanted to know why I needed it to order something from a retailer. I don't understand onw word of the answer.

    You need it so your computer can communicate with their computers programming. Java is used in a multitude of programs. Get it. It will not hurt your computer, it's free and is again, used in a lot of programming.
    joe tosti

    Thank you very much. That is just what I needed to know.
    I'm sorry if I offended the techie who tried to help.

    LOL, no worries. Just be more clear as to why you need to know something ;)

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