where can i report a tax evation that some one using my address to dont pay council tax and using her daughters name because she's a stud and he is in my electrrol ent

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    How To Report Tax Fraud in the UK
    By Nathan Adler, eHow Contributor

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    Reporting tax fraud is every citizen's civic duty.
    Reporting tax fraud is not a light accusation, but it is an important duty for any citizen in the United Kingdom. Any fraud report is checked out by the Revenue and Customs Department. Reporting the fraud is a relatively straightforward process. The Revenue and Customs Department has an online form available to report exactly what you know. The form is not anonymous, although your information is not disclosed during the investigation. Depending on the information given and found during the investigation, a revenue officer may contact you.

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    Things You'll Need
    Internet access

    Use the link in References to read the section on the DirectGov website, which provides public service information to residents of England and Wales. Verify that what you observed was actually tax fraud. You do not want to make a false claim.

    Gather up the information you possess related to the person or business you believe is committing the crime. All you need to have is a name, address and reason for believing fraud has been committed. But the more information you have, the easier it will be to investigate the matter.

    Browse to Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs Department Tax Evasion Report form using the link in References.

    Fill in the required information along with any other information you may have on the situation. You will need to disclose your relationship to the accused, how you came about the information and contact information for yourself.

    Click "Next" to review the information you entered on the form. This statement becomes an official document, so be sure that all the information is correct before submitting it.

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    how can someone put his name on my electrrol

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