what is climate cange

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    Climate change is a significant and lasting change in the statistical distribution of weather patterns over periods ranging from decades to millions of years. It may be a change in average weather conditions or the distribution of events around that average (e.g., more or fewer extreme weather events). Climate change may be limited to a specific region or may occur across the whole Earth. 


    Anthropogenic climate change (ie man-made) is something Republicans refuse to endorse, in the same way they believe that homosexuality is a lifestyle choice and that evolution is false.

    What hope for the world if these people are elected?


    I am a republican ad I believe in evolution, I do not believe homosexuality is a lifestyle, however I do believe in climate change but I also believe that many enviro-radicals are what fuels it beyond scientific logic. Not all republicans are of the stereotype you proclaim us to be, no more than all democrats are straw hat wearing tree huggers and pouters that stand on street corners and beg for entitlements. Shake the sane before you count your nuggets.

    My comments were not directed to Republicans in general, but some of your politicians have views not dissimilar to Islamic extremists who believe in the 6 day creation, reject science, and quote religion to support their policies.

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