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    I have a thought  I wish to share & I like to get you all's thoughts on it. If The Beatles's manager,the late Brian Epstein hadn't died in August of 1967. Do you all think he would of managed the Scottish

    1970's teey-bobbers rock & roll band The Bay City Roller, plus still be The Beatles's manager? I-my-self believe it could of happened,but we won't wver know for sure since Brian is gone. Please reply back to me,thanks Christine V. Berndt

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    ""We're glad he didn't.


    my cat stared at this for the longest time-lol.

    Man talk about cool cats lol

    I sat my cat in front of this and he keeps swatting at the kitties. It's really funny to watch and he's still doing it. God, I need to get a life!

    sorry, everyone having some problems typing this comment.

    I sat my cat in front of this picture and he's swatting at the kitties. It's pretty funny to watch. Ha! he's still doing it. Oh yea, what was the question?

    In retrospect, in trying to determine something like that, it would be impossible to plug in all the variables into the equation. At best, I would give it a 50/50 chance of occuring, and that's perhaps stretching it some.

    The Beatles split up in 1970.  The Bay City Rollers got going in 1973.  Brian would have had plenty of time to manage the group. 

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