A rental agreement is made, after which, the owner increases the rental rate, legal or not?

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    No not if the agreement is signed..

    If you signed a month to month contract, the rental rate could be increased at any time with a month's notice.  If your lease is a longer lease, say 6 months or longer, there must be a provision to deal with rental rate increases. 


    Is this the law in Thailand?

    Real estate law in Hawaii. I was a commercial real estate broker for 12 years.

    Though I may be accused ot unauthorized practice of law, if you have a signed contract, and unless it contains a clause that allows change to certain items, the contract is binding. In short, the answer is most likely, no.

    This is a legal question. Anyone other than a licensed attorney who answers it might be accused ot unauthorized practice of law. Abraham Lincoln's sign posted in his office, "Advice is a Lawyer's Stock in Trade," is still believed in by the legal profession today. They like to get paid for legal advice and don't want anyone else to give it. Lawyers make laws. So, it's against the law. (How's that for a political answer?)

    charley 8-38

    It's a dandy answer but doesn't help with the question. Can you refer me to a source that would contain the answer to my question. charley 8-38

    WHERE does this occur?

    Can you refer me to a source to confirm this.  I've been plowing thru the Uniform Comm. Code looking with no luck.charley


    Do you have any organizations that offer free legal assistance to renters?

    Try also the Landlord Tenant Code of your state.

    If you live in the US, every state has a housing authority (phone book) or google. Contact them.

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