how do i use my hp deskjet f4480 scanner

    i need to scan and email some important forms and i dont know how to get it from the scanner to the computer and then to the email.

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    Make sure your scanner is connected to your computer with a ubs cable. Make sure you've run the disc that came with the scanner in the computer to download all the programming the computer will need to understand and receive information from the scanner. Once that's done, scan the documents into the scanner. Your scanner program on your computer should open automatically. there you can select the scan and save it to your documents. When you're ready to e-mail, open an e-mail, click "attachments" go to your documents, find the scan files and select the one you want to send and upload (attach) it to your e-mail. Your scanner should have come with a user manual. I suggest you take some time to read how to use it.

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