what's most economical route replace dryer or replace heating coil?

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    Electric heating coil for a dryer is only around $40.00 to $50.00, and is not that difficult to replace. It also is a good time to clean lint build up out of it!

    I usually repair or replace appliances with appliances from a thrift, yard sale or local dump. So I have lots of spar parts and working or nearly working replacement appliances. I can afford to buy new appliances but I would rather do something else with my money like pour money into the worlds worst investment, a boat, airplane or trees near my septic tank.  

    Repair your own appliances if possible and practice your skill.


    I agree with you robert, rock on!! I love your answer it was extremely helpful! But wouldn't you be likely to find a bad heating coil in a junked dryer?

    Usually switch contacts fail or corrode. heaters burn out with lint buildup. You can see the heater on many driers. the thermostat fails a lot and the thermal shut-off. Motors are almost always ok. I often find a broken belt and all else is ok. Rather than fix it get a new one. Time is money. Repairs go $100.00 per hour +parts and up. So I fix my own.

    Thank you, & yes you're right Shootah, my son found a nice huge pile of lint build up, & removed it.  He's going to replace the coil but sometimes it costs more for the part & wasn't sure if it was worth it to fix it..but it's definetely worth it if it's only $40-50.  Dryer going out never convenient, so I want to keep my extra expenditures down if you know what I mean!

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