How do we stop these school shootings?

    I just received an email from my step daughter's sister, who is a teacher in Chardon High School. The school is in lock-down while they investigate today's shooting. Fortunately she and her class locked themselves in their classroom until the police had the situation under control. It was a long sad day for them and the parents. Hug your kids tonight and let them know how much you love them.

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    Stop bullying, and gangs in school. Have more programs in school where kids can get real help. Every teacher should be trained how to spot kids in trouble. What to look for, listen for. Recognize what you are looking at and hearing. I have pointed out several kids to teachers, they never noticed. Parents need to be more active in their kids lives, and in their children's school. There needs to be more hands on!

    Parents need to speak up when they witness something picking up their kids. They see a lot more than you know.


    I totally agree with everything you have said. Problem is, how do we get parents to realize their child might not be the angel they think he/she is. How do we get teachers and school officials to be more on top of bullying, gangs, etc. The teachers I know, all speak about having no control over school policy, and also about the problems they have when it comes to parents not listening to (the teacher's) concerns about their child.

    The school my son attended, it was mandatory for the parents to attend PTA meeting, they had to be involved or find another school. I was called to school, my son's behavior was unacceptable. I refused to listen or believe. They got me to watch him through the door window. He was awful! They were correct! I put a stop to his behavior, we all got together for an intervention plan. It worked.
    Most teachers knows the gangs and which kids belong to them. There should be zero tolerance for this. When parents are involved there is less gangs and gang activities.
    They should educate the parents and themselves. Everyone working together for the good and welfare of the children. The school my son attended, invented and created many of their own programs. The state did get in the way. There are ways around them. There are ways around some of these unless policies. We had a very clever principle, he figured out ways. Sometimes the answer was to get a mom to do it. That wasn't illegal, or against policy.I was there 2 hours 3 days a week, helping. It was a great school. There were no gangs, fights, rude clothing, it was a safe environment. They got the kids to stop wearing the sagging pants by going to school uniforms. They measured the kids themselves and ordered the clothes. They couldn't wear gang colors this way either. There was a waiting list for kids trying to get in this school.Parents were willing to do anything to keep there kids safe.
    It was difficult for me, I was a single parent, worked full time and full time student. I managed, I kept him there for 4 years. It was wonderful.
    The schools here are giving out belts to keep the boys pants up. That is a good idea, but it's not working. The kids have switch to sweat pants. Worn around their butt. The state demands the kids to learn, but took away the tools to teach them with. It's a battle. You have to fight everyone to educate a child.

    I just saw that on the news from Chardon, have to be petrified now to even send your kids to school.  How sickening and student dead and three others seriously injured is what they reported on TV.       :(


    One dead, two critical, one serious, and one not life threatening.

    Gun laws?????????????


    Then only the criminals will have guns. Weapons other than guns have been used (such as home-made bombs).

    Great Idea!

    We have gun laws in the UK, however that does not stop criminals getting their paws on any kind of firearm, but it does curtail it to the extent that these sort of dangerous destructive and downright evil events are kept at a minimum.

    We have gun laws. We also have criminals and kids who are not being raised on the proper foods so their minds are melting. We also have irresponsible parents. No matter what, I will always fight to keep my right as guaranteed by the US Constitution to bear arms. The UK and Australia do not allow the citizens to have guns but all the criminals do. Who's really in charge? The people or the criminals?

    If a person is going to kill another, they do not need a gun to do it. Home made explosives brought into school can do the same as a gun.

    This is a sad day. Its been happening so much that they have to find a solution soon.Parents have to be afraid, when theire kids go to school. Theire infuence comes from violence on tV, the videogames they play and what the see on some sites on the internet.. They are constanly bombarded with violence. I doubt if anything can be done about that. This sadly is a  lost Generation, all in the name of technology.

    I think it is very sad and scarry.  I also think it is a complicated situation...but one that needs to be addressed Soon!

    I am glad your step-daughter's sister and her class full of kids were not harmed physically.


    Thank you. I have been on the road all day and just recently got home to check it out.

    It's hard to say what the real answer is,metal detectors in the schools, police, arm the teachers,what used to be a rare occurance is becoming all too commonplace.  i only wish i knew of some sure fire method to stop these crazy people..

    Update: A second student has now died in that shooting,Chardon is about 30 miles from where I live (Cleveland),Chardon is a very nice area,a place where you would'nt think some thing like that would happen.They are saying the shooter was being bullied for some time and that he had posted some where on the web sunday night that some one was going to get hurt come Monday,seems like he knew who he was going after....sad,very sad.


    How very disturbing this is.

    Thanks Rick. I was wondering if you had any information on this.

    I blame the schools for not stopping bullying. They still look the other way.

    "He who gives up safety for freedom, deserves neither." Benjamin Franklin


    There seem to be no answers to a problem that we created for our self over time,by letting our kid watch all this TV shit ,killing and homicide stories,and game that encourage them to be heroes,and why if there is a weapon in our home, is it not lock up, so young children don't get there hand on them?So it goes without saying it our own fault.

    Children gradually mature into adulthood. The subject of Developmental Psychology enlightens the student and turns their emotional life  from a slippery path of a fool into an easy path of confidence and steadiness. Understanding your own mind and the physical/emotional links that make your emotions rage soothes and calms your every step. Why would anyone think the memorization of historical events more important, never met themselves.

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